The surest way to your pet’s heart is through their stomach.

At naturaPET AG, we produce the three brands naturaDOG, naturaCAT and naturaPOWER at our factory in the Canton of Thurgau, Switzerland. Our range of products provides your four-legged friend with a varied and nutritious diet that tastes fantastic. So that we can satisfy all tastes, we also offer BARF and wet food for both dogs and cats.

naturaDOG is our premium dog food line. It offers a wide selection of various BARF products, wet food, snacks and Goodies.

naturaCAT is our premium cat food line. Here, cat lovers will find high-quality wet food for their discerning feline friend. 

The energy chunks, sausages and pastes from naturaPOWER are specially designed to meet the needs of working dogs, breeding females and older dogs. They can also aid recovery after operations and illnesses.