a naturally healthy diet.

Thanks to our BARF products, feeding your four-legged friend in a species-appropriate manner has never been so easy. Our fresh-meat meals already contain all the important components for a healthy, balanced diet and come in practical, sausage-shaped portions.

Feed your four-legged friend the way you want to with your own recipe. Choose from a wide selection of meats consisting of muscle meat as well as bones and offal as individual, single-source ingredients. 

Why choose BARF products from naturaDOG?

  • We only process high-quality raw meat from Switzerland*
  • We process the meat in our Swiss factory according to the latest standards
  • We reduce the hygienic risks for you and your dog by quick freezing
*We obtain horsemeat and salmon from European companies.

naturaDOG contains everything a healthy animal diet needs:

  • High-quality muscle meat from different animal species
  • A mix of offal, tailored for an optimal supply of vitamin and minerals
  • RFB (raw, fleshy bones) for optimal absorption of nutrients