A new look for naturaDOG and naturaCAT

Making dog and cat food also means making animal wellbeing our top priority. After all, on top of sufficient exercise – both mental and physical – and lots of love, cuddles and stroking, a balanced diet is an important part of a happy life for your four-legged friend.

The surest way to your pet’s heart is through their stomach

For 10 years we have been manufacturing BARF, wet food and snacks in Frauenfeld and are committed to ensuring that with every bite they eat, your four-legged friend tastes the love we put into developing our products and formulating new recipes.

To make sure that everything looks as good on the outside as it tastes on the inside, our entire product range has undergone a make-over. You can now immediately see on the packaging what naturaPET and our food is all about: Love for animals and for our roots. Wherever possible we work with regional Swiss suppliers and when this is not possible, we work with selected, certified partners that offer the exact same level of quality. After all, the surest way to your pet’s heart is through their stomach.

We love dogs and cats

The illustration of dogs and cats with their eye-catching red hearts places our love for animals front and centre. Every pet, big and small, deserves to be fed a species-appropriate diet to ensure that they can lead a healthy and vivacious life. The natural colour scheme used in the image reflects the love of nature that we channel into formulating and producing our range. Giving your pet a special culinary experience that will help them lead a happy and healthy life is our top priority.